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Croatia Digital Nomad Visa: Criteria Breakdown and Application Tips

Are you a digital nomad looking to trade your cramped workspace for the azure Adriatic Sea and picturesque landscapes? The Croatia Digital Nomad Visa is your ticket to this dreamy escape! Croatia is one of my personal favorite destinations and in this post, I’ll walk you through the essential details you need to know to make your own year-long Croatian adventure a reality.

How Long Does Croatia's Digital Nomad Visa Last?

It allows you to stay in Croatia for up to one year. After the expiration of your Digital Nomad Visa, there is a mandatory waiting period of six months before you can submit a new application for the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa.

Eligibility Criteria

Before you start preparing your Croatian digital nomad journey, it's crucial to understand the eligibility criteria for the Digital Nomad Visa you can find out more about Croatia visa's here:

Non-EU/EEA Citizenship: To meet the criteria for this visa, you cannot be a citizen of an EU or EEA country.

Sufficient Income: Demonstrate that you possess a consistent monthly income of 10,080 HRK or approximately €2,300 EUR / $2,543 USD / £1,966 GBP If you plan to bring your family along, make sure your bank statement shows an extra €90 per month for each family member.

Employment Outside Croatia: You must work for a company located outside Croatia. Freelancing or remote work for foreign employers is perfectly acceptable. Remember, you cannot work for any employer based within Croatia.

Document Requirements

Gathering the necessary documents is a crucial step in securing your Croatia Digital Nomad Visa:

Valid Passport: Your passport should have an expiration date at least three months beyond your planned departure from Croatia.

Visa Application Form: For those opting to apply at a Croatian Embassy in person, you can access the 1A application form on either their website or the Croatian Ministry of Interior's website.

Proof of Income: Provide evidence of your monthly income from a foreign company. It should meet or exceed the minimum requirement of €2,300 per month.

Health Insurance: Your health insurance must cover your entire stay in Croatia.

Criminal Record Check: Obtain a clear criminal record check from your home country.

Temporary Address: Show that you've secured accommodation in Croatia by submitting a confirmed booking or a rental agreement with a Croatian landlord.

Croatia Digital Nomad Visa Application

There are two methods to apply for the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa – at a Croatian embassy or online:

Applying at a Croatian Embassy:

Complete the Application Form: Fill out the 1A application form, which you can find on the website of the nearest Croatian embassy or the Croatian Ministry of Interior's website.

Prepare the Documents: Ensure all your documents are in order to avoid any delays in the application process.

Schedule an Appointment: If necessary, make an appointment at the Croatian embassy or consulate. Submit your completed application on the scheduled day.

Wait for Confirmation: You will receive either a letter with your visa or a phone call if your application is approved.

Applying from your home country (if you don't need a visa to enter) has the advantage of allowing you to stay in Croatia for 15 months – three months as a tourist and 12 months on a digital nomad permit.

Applying Online for a Digital Nomad Visa:

Online Application: Use the provided online form to apply for the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa.

Submission: Submit your online application, which will be forwarded to the relevant Croatian authorities (police administration/station). They may request additional documents.

Approval Notification: Expect an email notifying you of the approval of your application.

Arrival in Croatia: After arriving in Croatia, don’t forget to register your temporary residence within three days.

Note for Visa-Required Travelers: If you require a visa to enter Croatia, you'll also need to apply for an entry visa at the nearest Croatian embassy or consulate. When submitting your application at a Croatian embassy or consulate, you will encounter the following fees for visas and administration:

How Much Does a Croatia Digital Nomad Visa Cost?:

When submitting your application at a Croatian embassy or consulate, you will encounter the following fees for visas and administration:

  • Temporary Residence: 420 HRK or approximately $66 USD / £53 GBP / €62 EUR

  • Visa: 460 HRK or approximately $73 USD / £60 GBP / €69 EUR

  • Residence Card: 310 HRK or approximately $49 USD / £40 GBP / €46 EUR

If you choose to apply in person at the local police office in Croatia and your application gets approved, the fees are as follows:

  • Temporary Residence: 350 HRK or approximately $55 USD / £44 GBP / €51 EUR

  • Biometric Residence Card: 240 HRK or approximately $38 USD / £30 GBP / €35 EUR

  • Administration Fees: 70 HRK or approximately $11 USD / £9 GBP / €10 EUR

Croatia digital nomad visa

Working as a digital nomad in Croatia was an incredible experience for me. The Croatia Nomad Visa opened doors to both work and adventure in this enchanting destination. The picturesque landscapes, affordable living, and welcoming community made every day a memorable adventure. Croatia offers the perfect environment for professional growth and unforgettable experiences, and I'm grateful for the opportunity I had. Don't miss the chance to explore this beautiful country for yourself while still pursuing your professional aspirations.


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